The instructions below show you how to setup the My Accounting Toolbox system to skip over predefined accounts using the User Defined function in Autotask.

Step 1

Name: XeroNoSync
Description: User to define how they want to describe
Required: Not ticked
Sort Order: 1
Field Type: Text(single line)
Default Value (Optional if you want all invoices to be skipped by default enter the word: true)

Step 2

From the CRM feature - Open the Account of the customer you wish to automatically skip in the sync process, then select Edit.

Under User Defined look for the field XeroNoSync that you created earlier: enter true if you wish this contact to be skipped during our sync process. Otherwise either leave it blank or enter false to allow it to be sync’d.

Repeat step 2 with the rest of the accounts you wish to be skipped over during the sync process. If you have any problems please contact support.