This article describes how to setup two or more Xero Accounts with My Accounting Toolbox, synchronising with a single instance of Autotask. The Xero accounts can be from different regions and currency types.

Before you begin please ensure that you have no invoices in Autotask waiting to be synchronized with My Accounting Toolbox.

Setup My Accounting Toolbox

  1. Sign up to My Accounting Toolbox with the account you wish to be your primary Xero account (if you already have a My Accounting Toolbox account ignore this step) – this is the account that will be the default for your AT invoices to be synchronised to if other secondary Xero accounts are not specified (this is covered in the Autotask setup).

  2. Once your primary My Accounting Toolbox account has been setup, sign up to My Accounting Toolbox again (using a different email account this time) to setup your secondary Xero account using our normal signup page on the website. When normal sign up is complete please continue to step three.

  3. Sign into My Accounting Toolbox if not already done so with your secondary Xero Account. Click Account link > Xero Invoice Rules from the menu.
  4. Click the check box “This account is a secondary Xero Account
    When you click the check box a XeroID box will show – please copy the entire contents of that box and save it to a notepad file for later use.

    Make sure you click Submit to save the changes.

Setup Autotask

  1. Log into your Autotask account > Select Admin from the menu then select User Defined Fields.

  2. Click the Accounts tab then select the New button.

    Now fill in the user-defined fields to match the graphic below – make sure the field is named XeroID as shown below.

  3. PLEASE NOTE: Repeat the instructions below for every customer account  in Autotask that you wish to synchronise with the secondary account in Xero.

    Now we need to apply the XeroID number to your customers who you wish to synchronise to your secondary Xero account.

    From the Account Detail window in Autotask – Click the edit button

    (Please note only edit customer accounts in AT that you want to synchronise to your secondary Xero Account)
  4. Click the user defined button the scroll to the bottom and you should see XeroID

    Paste in the XeroID number provided earlier in Step 4. Click Save and Close and repeat for all clients that are to be sync’d to your secondary Xero Account.

    Don’t do this step for clients that are to be sync’d to your primary xero account those clients can be left blank.

    Repeat step 3 to 4 until all customers needing to be sycnronised to your secondary account are covered – please remember to do this for new customers that you add in the future.